Our dedication to mitigating climate change and promoting the circular economy is emphasized in our environmental strategic priorities. We communicate this commitment to all our stakeholders, enhancing our contribution to environmental protection.

Our contribution in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*

At THEON INTERNATIONAL we have defined our environmental strategic priorities by incorporating the protection of the environment in all our operational aspects. Our commitment to responsible behavior is a fundamental element of the Company’s strategy, which is also reflected in the environmental policy that we have adopted.
THEON Group recognizes the importance of preserving planet ecosystems for future generations and contributes to European goals for environmental protection by implementing initiatives to reduce the Company’s environmental footprint and enhance its overall environmental performance.
Under this scope, we have developed a comprehensive environmental management system for the immediate environmental assessment of our activities, certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 Standard. Our Environmental Policy underscores our commitment, emphasizing our dedication to strategic goals for environmentally responsible operations.

Managing our environmental footprint

We have developed a thorough plan focused on responsible energy management and carbon emissions reduction. We have incorporated in our strategic priorities the monitoring of all energy resources to achieve prompt supervision of our activities. Furthermore, we have set specific performance indicators, such as electricity consumption in relation to factory opening hours, in order to assure continuous improvement of environmental performance. 
Under this holistic approach, we endeavor to additionally take environmental initiatives. We have already installed photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of our office building, and we will continue to identify opportunities to increase our energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.
We consistently adhere to environmental regulations, evidenced by our yearly reporting of fluorinated gases to the European Union and conducting Energy Efficiency Audits across all our facilities.

Environmental Awareness and Engagement 

We reinforce employee engagement in its sustainability initiatives, recognizing the significance of collective understanding and commitment to environmental responsibility. The Group has invested in enhancing the environmental awareness of its employees through a tailormade Environmental Awareness Training. Furthermore, the Group communicates its environmental commitments to its suppliers through an assessment that incorporates specific environmental criteria. 

Endorsing Circular Economy 

Another key element of THEON’s strategic priorities in terms of environmental protection is its commitment to responsible waste management that focuses on recycling and reuse of materials. The amount of waste produced by our operations is submitted to electronic waste registration and hazardous waste management is performed by adequately certified subcontracting companies. 
THEON actively pursues opportunities to reduce its waste production. The Company minimizes waste quantities at all locations through process optimization, employee training, and the implementation of advanced waste management technologies. By adopting sustainable practices and continuously monitoring waste streams, THEON ensures that resources are used efficiently, and that waste is either recycled, reused, or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.  
*Data from our main manufacturing facilities in Athens