At THEON INTERNATIONAL, we prioritize fostering a vibrant and dynamic work environment that goes beyond the conventional. We believe in nurturing the diverse talents and passions of our employees, even those that extend outside their professional roles. Under this perspective we have developed a series of activation to engage and inspire our people.

Promoting engagement through culture

Company funded tickets to theatrical performances, concerts and guided museum tours.

Running Team 

The running team ran and spread the memorandum that Athens Authentic Marathon emphasizes the power of the human will, giving the message of true values, social consciousness, environmental sensitivity, friendship and solidarity. 

Corporate Music Band

A testament to this ethos is our very own corporate band, a unique ensemble that boasts participation from not just our talented employees but also from our C-level executives. This initiative, more than just a display of musical talent, underscores our commitment to employee engagement, and the celebration of diverse talents.

Mental health

We provide 24/7 Psychological Support Line, in collaboration with ERGONOMIA. In addition Stress Management Webinars are occurring in certain times to address work-related stress and the signs of burnout.

Voluntary blood donation 

Blood Donation Day has been held for many years certifying that donating is in our culture and our team demonstrates it with great vigor.

Tree planting 

Our volunteers, seeking to contribute to climate change and environmental protection, participated in the tree planting at the foot of Ymittos-Paiania, close to our main production facilities, along with the Environmental Organization "We4all". The team managed to plant 100 saplings under the guidance of the organizers, contributing to the increase of the green space of the area.