THEON SENSORS, member of EFA GROUP and world leader in night vision and thermal imaging systems, is very pleased to announce the total for 2020 signing of new contracts with delivery in 2020-2021, which exceed 50 million euros in 18 countries, by the end of 2020.

Since the beginning of the year, THEON SENSORS has managed to enter new markets with a full range of products, and as a result, today, its total exports amount to 54 countries compared to 45 in 2019. For THEON SENSORS, extroversion is a strategic priority. The component that contributes successfully to THEON’S international recognition is the cultural diversity of the countries in which it operates. It has achieved to enter many countries’ markets such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, Latvia, Egypt, Canada, the UAE, the USA as well as many others.

Remarkably, there has been a significant increase in sales for the current year, not only of its products (night vision and thermal imaging instruments), but of its spare parts as well. The large amount of sales show that more and more spare parts are being ordered for the service of systems delivered by THEON SENSORS in the last 10 years. This stems from the quality of the company's products as many customers choose to extend the life of the systems compared to their original plans.

In addition, it is noted, that customers not only exhaust all options of the original Framework Agreements, but they also exceed them. For example, two NATO European countries have exhausted the Framework Agreement and doubled their order budget.

“We are very pleased that THEON SENSORS in terms of orders, it is expected to continue its upward trend as in 2020 it already participates in six major international tenders which we hope will exceed in multiples in 2021 the value of current sales by 2020” said Mr. Vasileios Savvaidis, General Manager THEON SENSORS.

"THEON SENSORS, in recent years is on a steady growth trajectory and this proves that Greek high-technology companies can stand worthy and compete with global multinationals. Despite the adverse conditions that occurred in 2020, we increased our orders and entered new markets through extroversion, through hard work achieving consistency in the deliveries and by ensuring our products are of high quality. At the same time, we are drastically increasing our investments in Greece and abroad, while we are doubling our budget in research and development. The big bet now is our entry into commercial sector products, electro-optical applications for larger platforms and of course new smart products within our existing product range", said Mr. Christian Hadjiminas, President, EFA GROUP and CEO, THEON SENSORS.