THEON INTERNATIONAL PLC (THEON), a leading developer and manufacturer of customizable night vision and thermal imaging systems for defense and security applications with a global footprint, presented at EUROSATORY in Paris, 17-21 June 2024, introducing its A.R.M.E.D. (Augmented Reality Modular Ecosystem of Devices) ecosystem of connected devices that addresses the modern soldiers’ requirements for enhanced situational awareness, fused imagery and interconnectivity.

As part of the A.R.M.E.D. product suite, THEON displayed and presented to selected customers its state-of-the-art Heads-Up Display “THEA”, its new fused binoculars “ORION”, as well as its Thermal Clip-On “IRIS-C”.

All three systems are connected to THEON’s Smart Battery Pack (SBP), which provides the connection to any Battle Management System (BMS) such as ATAK, MIMS Ranger and others. Information such as recognition of friends and foes, way points or other geo-location data can thus be displayed in front of the eye of the user. ORION and IRIS-C additionally provide a fused image during night-time operations, while THEA is a see- through heads-up display in day-time operations. 

THEON has already secured its first orders for the new A.R.M.E.D ecosystem products, and all three products have already received NATO stock numbers.

THEON also presented its full range of cutting-edge, best-in-class Night Vision and Thermal Imaging systems and technological solutions, which includes a variety of Night Vision Monoculars, Binoculars, Stand Alone Weapon Sights, Clip-On Sights, Thermal sights and platform-based optronics equipment, including products like Night Driver Viewers and Digital Night & Day Targeting and Acquisition cameras.

Furthermore, the company showcased its next generation of platform-based optronics equipment, presenting the next steps of TALOS family, by introducing TALOS SR100 and TALOS LR800. These products offer cost-effective electro-optics solutions for short to long-range Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) needs for fixed-ground surveillance stations or stationary surveillance vans/buggies.

The company’s advanced 2-floor Booth G84 at Hall 6 captured the attention of all visitors, making the participation of THEON at EUROSATORY a must-visit for Defense and Security professionals and officials seeking the latest developments in optronic technology.

Philippe Mennicken, Business Development Director of THEON, said:

“Over the years, night vision and thermal imaging has become a key opto-electronic technology in modern warfare and defense as more and more operations take place by night and blurred daylight environments. Thanks to our 27 years of expertise, THEON offers to its customers worldwide advanced multi-connected soldier optronic solutions, as part of the A.R.M.E.D. ecosystem, enhancing tactical situational awareness, connectivity, agility and mobility, targeting capabilities. Now, faster than previously communicated, THEON has made a wider entry into the Platform Optronics segment of the market, and we are delighted with the reception we received at EUROSATORY.”

More information about the new products can be found at the following video link:


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THEON INTERNATIONAL PLC is the parent company of THEON SENSORS S.A., a leading manufacturer of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging systems for defense and security applications with a global footprint. THEON SENSORS S.A. started its operations in 1997 from Greece and today plays a leading role in the industry with international presence, including offices in Greece, Cyprus, USA, UAE, Switzerland and Singapore, as well as 3 production facilities in Athens, Wetzlar (Germany) and Plymouth (USA). Through this network of companies, offices and facilities around the world, THEON SENSORS S.A. has more than 160,000 systems in service with Armed and Special Forces in 70 countries around the world, 26 of which are NATO countries. ΤΗΕΟΝ ΙΝΤΕRNATIONAL PLC listed its shares on Euronext Amsterdam in February 2024.