THEON INTERNATIONAL PLC published on 23.05.2024 invitation for its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2024, to be held on Friday, 14.06.2024 starting at 13:00 hours (EEST, i.e. CEST + 1hr), at 67 Limassol Avenue, Vision Tower 5th Floor, 2121 Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus. The Annual General Meeting can be viewed online through webcast link available at:

The Agenda Items to be discussed during the Annual General Meeting are the following:

  1. Opening and announcements;
  2. Appointment of the Chairperson of the meeting;
  3. Annual Report;
  4. Re-appointment of the auditor and approval of their remuneration;
  5. Approval of the of the remuneration of the executive and non-executive directors for 2024;
  6. Approval of amendments of the articles of association;
  7. Dividend declaration;
  8. Approval of the reduction of the required notice period for general meetings;
  9. Any other business;
  10. Closing of the AGM.

More information along with the agenda for the Annual General Meeting the explanatory notes, proxies for attendance and other relevant meeting documents can be found on to Theon’s website at:


Investor Relations:

Nikos Malesiotis

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Media contact:

Elli Michou

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THEON INTERNATIONAL PLC is the parent company of THEON SENSORS S.A., a leading manufacturer of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging systems for defense and security applications with a global footprint. THEON SENSORS S.A. started its operations in 1997 from Greece and today plays a leading role in the industry with international presence, including offices in Greece, Cyprus, USA, UAE, Switzerland and Singapore, as well as 3 production facilities in Athens, Wetzlar (Germany) and Plymouth (USA). Through this network of companies, offices and facilities around the world, THEON SENSORS S.A. has more than 160,000 systems in service with Armed and Special Forces in 70 countries around the world, 24 of which are NATO countries. ΤΗΕΟΝ ΙΝΤΕRNATIONAL PLC listed its shares on Euronext Amsterdam in February 2024.