THEON INTERNATIONAL teams up with Magenta Films and Red Bull Racing to achieve the unachievable: Perform a pit stop in complete darkness. Witness the Red Bull Racing’s crew extraordinary performance as they navigate the challenges of complete darkness: Pitch Black Pit Stop

Executing a pit stop is no small feat, let alone achieving it in total darkness! When Magenta Films joined forces with Red Bull Racing to unveil the world’s first pit stop in the pitch black, a hurdle arose; how does the crew capture this in complete darkness and ensure everyone’s safety? THEON INTERNATIONAL accepted the challenge and provided a custom-made solution!

The concept was sparked by the idea that the Red Bull Racing pit crew, renowned for their speedy pit stops, could excel even in the dark. It took months of testing Infrared Lights and Cameras, along with THEON’s Night Vision Goggles: NYX and MIKRON. THEON’s NVGs mounted in specially crafted helmets, worn by the driver, the front & rear Jackmen and the Chief Mechanic, to give them the capability of total awareness in the dark ensuring safety measures. One of THEON’s engineers, Ioannis Leivadaros, was present during the shooting, to guarantee NYX & MIKRON’s best implementation and demonstrate NVG’s features to the crew. “We are proud that THEON has been selected since last May to be included in the global annual spot of Red Bull Racing that always creates a stir for its innovative approach. It is a spot that marks the dynamic and high quality of THEON’ night vision systems. Being part of this astonishing project gave us a new perspective of how champions collaborate to achieve excellence! Obstacles are to be surpassed and at THEON we do that in the most innovative way”, Ioannis Leivadaros, Technical Project Manager, THEON SENSORS, added.

Witness the Red Bull Racing’s crew extraordinary performance as they navigate the challenges of complete darkness: Pitch Black Pit Stop

While we could explain the concept in three lines, finding ways of making the production and film process technically feasible was a lot harder. Sure, the jackmen and driver wore Night Vision Goggles to do the pit stop safely, but we also had at least 30 crew members on set who needed their sight to do their jobs. THEON helped us streamline it. Help from THEON came in via the Netherlands, Greece and all over Europe to make this possible. I think it’s safe to say that without their swiftness and troubleshooting mindset, we would have had it way more difficult to pull this off. THEON was, to keep in F1 machinery terms, one of the cogs in the machine that made true teamwork happen”, Marc Bodeman, Executive Producer, Magenta Films.

This partnership represents the fearless attitude of both Red Bull Racing and THEON in tackling any challenges that come their way.

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