THEON SENSORS participated at the DSEI 2023 exhibition in London, 12-15 September 2023, presenting a wide range of cutting-edge products, systems and technological solutions at Hall 1, booth #215, that help address both current and emerging operational needs of the Armed Forces.

THEON SENSORS presented a product portfolio on man portable equipment which includes a variety of Night Vision Monoculars (ARGUS), Modular Binoculars (ARGUS PANOPTES), Dedicated Night Vision Binoculars (NYX, MIKRON-D), Night Vision Stand Alone Weapon Sights (ARTEMIS), Night Vision Clip-On Sights (DAMΩΝ) as well as a comprehensive series of Thermal sights, either in standalone version or as Clip-on Sights (THERMIS & THERMIS MK2).

THEON SENSORS has also been active in the field of platform-based optronics equipment, with products such as Night Driver Viewers systems (TITANS, THERMON), as well as in Digital Night & Day Targeting and Acquisition camera (URANIA) being used on a variety of Western Armored Vehicles for many years.

The company counts 26 years of operation in the Defense sector and since then, has grown to a world player in the field of man portable Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems, with more than 200,000 in service in 66 countries worldwide, out of which 23 are NATO members.

Today, the company makes its next step in platform-based optronics equipment, by presenting TALOS family, its first Stabilized Multisensory system that is officially launched during DSEI London 2023 Exhibition. The TALOS MR, a Medium-Range Multi-Sensor EO/IR System, is its first gyro-stabilized platform-based observation and surveillance system, which is equipped with a Day/LLL camera, a Cooled-MWIR camera, a Laser Ranger Finder and optionally with a Laser Pointer and a SWIR Camera. TALOS MR may be used either as fixed-ground Surveillance System, integrated in Vehicles as ground-mobile Observation/Reconnaissance System, or may be integrated with the Vessel's systems and offer a full solution for naval and maritime operational requirements. TALOS MR is the first of a family of multi sensor EO/IR platform-based systems to follow in the coming months.


The second field that THEON SENSORS has invested and developed new technologies, is in Image Fusion and Augmented Reality (AR) systems for the company’s man portable product range, where new products shall be launched shortly.

Philippe Mennicken, THEON's Business Development Director, mentioned: “These products combine THEON SENSORS’ expertise in Night Vision and Thermal Imaging while adding an AR component that allows the connection of THEON SENSORS’ systems to Battle Management Systems (BMS). The THERMIS series of thermal imaging sights, for which THEON SENSORS has already a contract with the UK MoD, is able to be connected to BMS, such as the MIMS Ranger of its sister company SCYTALYS or other BMS systems such as ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit), both through wired and wireless connection. Consequently, THEON SENSORS is able to offer complete, connected soldier optronic solutions to its customers worldwide as part of the ARMED (Augmented Reality Modular Ecosystem of Devices) as an ITAR free solution”.

The Ambassador of Greece in London, Mr. Yannis Tsaousis and members of the official delegation of the Greek Armed Forces at THEON SENSORS' stand